Friday, July 31, 2009

To all my blogger friends....I'm really sorry that I haven't updated my blog in so long. I actually thought about deleting it....Facebook takes enough time as it is. Anyways, a little update on our summer. For the month of June we enjoyed a two week vacation to the west coast. We were able to visit eight different states as well as Vancouver. Also in June, Jon and I celebrated our third year anniversary! I can't believe it's been that long already.

In the Month of July, my sister and I took our trip to Virginia to complete our last intensive course for our master's degree. It was my last class that I had to take before my end of the degree student teaching. I'm so excited about being done!

The month of August is just about here, and I have just a few weeks before I begin teaching again. At the end of August and the first of September, Jon and I will be taking a shorter trip to Josh and Faith's to visit New York City and Boston. I am so looking forward to this trip!

Life has been so fun! I love being married to Jon, I never thought I would have seen so much of the world in so little time. I sometimes can't get over all the beauty in this world! I only wish that I had the time and the money =) to see more of it.

Well, enjoy these pics because I probably won't update for some time again....sorry. Then again, I have a few trips and fun weekends coming up, maybe I'll update a little sooner. =)
Mount St Helens


Four-wheeling in Utah!

The monster we picked up while four-wheeling.

Arches National Park!

The grizzly bear we got to see on our way out of Yellowstone park.

a beautiful water fall in yellowstone.

Grand Tetons! They were Grand! =)

Garden of the gods....Jon loves this place.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Women of Faith!
Tara was so gracious to find tickets for me, Rachael and Jodi to go to Women of Faith this year. It has been a fun girls' weekend that we've done most every year. It's a great, up-lifting, fun time and we thoroughly enjoy every minute of it.
Now, to explain the random picture below....We all were enjoying the beautiful weather outside during our lunch break at WOF when for no apparent reason this little man walked up to me and without saying a word kept pointing to my camera and then stepping back and smiling. I finally caught on that he wanted me to take his picture. So, I took his picture and then showed it to him. He seemed quite pleased and then simply walked away. It struck me so funny! If you look on his arm you will also see the little blue bag that was handed to each women at the conference. What a great little man!
Tara's laughing at what could be a goofy Jodi story and Rachael is trying to act all serious.

The fabulous mothers!

We were discussing the topic of church membership. It was a very interesting and insightful topic.

Each year the WOF come to Columbus, OH and hold the conference in the Nationwide Arena.

We had a blast! Thanks Tara for putting it together.
Sisterly love!

Me and the pregnant Jodi!

Simply waiting for everything to begin.

Checking up on their 'Babies' which means Emily and Conner now not Matt and Kevin. =)

Havin' a Grand New Day!

The group.

Sheila Walsh with her powerful story this year. She talked about forgiveness! I couldn't have imagined going through what she had gone through.

Steven Curtis Chapman! He did an awesome job, as well, and what a story he has too! Yes, I was in tears most of the time he was up there. He told about his little girl he lost and then sang his Cinderella song. Very touching.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Easter '09
Josh and Faith were able to come for Easter. It was so great to see them again since it had been a while. I wish they didn't have to live so far away.
Just us trying to look pretty. =)

Conner likes to go on walks as long as he gets to see the action. Seriously, this boy has to see it all!

Yet, another attempt to get him to smile. When the camera comes out the smile goes away. Oh well.

He's such a serious child.

He studies everything really hard all the time. He's probably thinking of all the questions he would like to ask just like what his daddy does.

Yeah, there's a smile.

You've got to be a Dude if you are born to a Dude....(inside family joke)

He looks like he's doing a little hip hop dance. =)


For those of you who didn't hear, we have sold our truck. We weren't planning on selling either of our cars but a guy, whom we had never met before, gave us a really good offer that we couldn't refuse. We now own a 2007 Volkswagon Jetta. I think that was a pretty good trade off. However, I do miss the truck. There were so many memories that went with it. (tear) It was a good truck that was always faithful.
I will post pics of the new car once I actually take some. Well, that's all for now folks. You may now check my blog sometime in June and hopefully by then things will have changed on here....Don't hold your breath though. =)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

How can you say no to those big sad eyes?

Intense stare!

My beautiful Valentine Flowers that came through the mail sent by my husband!
Our little getaway weekend....we were on the 15th floor!!! This was a glass elevator!

Our view from our room's window!
Just another view

Such a beautiful bride Jodi made. I am soooooo happy for her!

Can you tell she's happy?


They did so good on their songs! Such a beautiful couple.

The only tiniest of a smile tht I've been able to capture on my camera.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Just to show you all the beautiful dark hair!!

Getting some zzzzz's so that he can be wide awake at 3 a.m.

Having Christmas and didn't even know it.

Actually a little bored with the whole Christmas thing.

Grandpa keeping close watch over his "little buddy"